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Tesla, Inc. installs AcornVac Vacuum Plumbing Systems at Their New, State-of-the-Art Gigafactory

CHINO, CA— June 19, 2017— By 2018, Tesla plans to ramp production to 500 thousand electric vehicles annually, accelerating the transition to sustainable energy and permanently altering the trajectory of the auto industry.

To meet such an enormous challenge, Tesla is building one of the world’s largest clean manufacturing facilities; in the process, it is also reinventing the manufacturing process. This means that plans constantly change, and that changes have to be incorporated on the fly. One of these changes was Tesla’s decision to go with AcornVac’s vacuum plumbing system.

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Vacuum plumbing systems provide simple and viable alternatives to underground piping by using the combined energies of vacuum pressure and gravity for the collection, conveyance and disposal of waste through a piping network that can be routed above ground.

The AcornVac vacuum plumbing system conformed to Elon Musk’s vision of manufacturing. It proved to be reliable and easily modifiable. It also afforded the Tesla design engineers the option to achieve the ideal of minimalizing wasted space.  Furthermore, AcornVac’s system has given Tesla the solution to an impossible problem by allowing them to change plumbing on the fly, giving the facility adaptability as needs change into the future.