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What are MasterSpec Specifications?

MasterSpec is a way for architects and engineers to easily identify products that meet their needs. 

The MasterSpec library includes more than 1,700 master specifications that cover thousands of products. It enables specifiers to objectively compare different products and select exactly the right product from the get-go, eliminating the complications and costs that arise from substituting products later on.

Find us in MasterSpec
Download our specifications.

How do Specifiers use Product MasterSpec?

MasterSpec specifications contain a wealth of information for each product, including overviews, reference standards, manufacturer and product comparisons, drawing coordination, specification checklists, and even information on sustainability metrics and requirements.

  • Streamline the specification process
  • Save time by specifying the right product from the start
  • Save money by reducing complications

Product MasterSpec by MGI Division

File Type

File Type
Section and NameDivision on MasterSpec
word-doc-icon PDF Icon224600 – Security Plumbing FixturesAcorn Eng-logo Acorn Engineering Co
word-doc-icon PDF Icon221119 – Domestic Water Piping Specialtiesac-logo Acorn Controls
DOC IconPDF Icon224300 – Healthcare Plumbing Fixturesac-logo Acorn Controls
DOC IconPDF Icon224500 – Emergency Plumbing FixturesAcorn Safety Logo Acorn Safety
DOC IconPDF Icon223300 – Electric, Domestic-Water HeatersChronomite Logo Chronomite
DOC IconPDF Icon224500 – Emergency Plumbing FixturesChronomite Logo Chronomite
DOC IconPDF Icon221119 – Domestic Water Piping Specialtiesjr-logo Jay R Smith Mfg Co
DOC IconPDF Icon221319.13 – Sanitary DrainsJR Logo Jay R Smith Mfg Co
DOC IconPDF IconSection PendingMurdock Logo Murdock Mfg
DOC IconPDF Icon104416 – Fire ExtinguishersPR Logo Potter Roemer
DOC IconPDF Icon104413 – Fire Protection CabinetsPR-Logo Potter Roemer
DOC IconPDF Icon102813.19 – Healthcare Toilet Accessorieswh-logo Whitehall Mfg