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Eco-Trough Hand Washing Sink
Offers Solution for Commercial Retail and Businesses

Eco-Trough sink

eco-trough sink flyer

Acorn Engineering Company has released a stainless steel Eco-Trough Hand Washing Sink that allows commercial retailers and businesses to offer hand washing within physical distancing guidelines.

The Eco-Trough is a space saving one to four station unit that is wall-mounted. Optional legs can be included for added strength and stability. There are five configurations to choose from; one to four stations, with a second two-station model that is extra wide to accommodate physical distancing requirements.

Eco-Trough sinks can also have some stations disabled to provide more distance between users when needed. Those stations can be brought back should distancing no longer be necessary.

Eco-Trough offers a hand washing solution that is easier and more cost-effective than multiple single basins. The stations can be used indoors or out, and a choice of two faucets completes the unit.

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