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Whitehall® BestCare® Animation Displays Benefits of Ligature-Resistant Floor Drain

Patient safety is of utmost importance in healthcare settings. When considering the design of a patient room, particularly in behavioral health facilities, care must be taken to ensure that the patient’s safety is considered throughout the design.

The Whitehall® BestCare® line of ligature-resistant products are designed to minimize ligature attachment points that patients could use to hurt themselves or others. It is important to consider safety features even in items that might easily be overlooked – such as the floor drain.

Whitehall has produced a short animated video demonstrating the ligature-resistant features of the BestCare ligature-resistant vinyl floor drain (Model No. WHFDV-6RD-2NH). This floor drain is easy to install, affordable, ADA-compliant, and offers increased protection for patients.