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Protect Students. Defeat Germs with Acorn® Wash-Ware® Hand Washing Stations.

Wash Fountains & Hand Washing Stations for Schools

Schools take safety seriously, but they often overlook one of the biggest dangers to student health: germs.

Students are exposed to an immense number of germs every day. Sharing equipment during science lab or gym class, playing on the playground, and even sharing tables during lunch time can all contribute to the spread of germs and illnesses.

Acorn® Wash-Ware® hand washing stations are perfect for schools. They provide hand washing capabilities for up to six users simultaneously and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Wash-Ware units are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel that is designed to be vandal-resistant and stand the test of time. Individual hand washing stations can be easily deactivated in order to increase distance between simultaneous users.

Used throughout the school, Wash-Ware stations provide students with the ability to wash their hands in between classes, before eating lunch, and after gym class and recess to stop the spread of germs. Adding a hand washing routine into the school day is an effective way to keep students safe as well as instill healthy habits in the long run.

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