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Acorn Engineering Company® Secur-Care™ Ligature-Resistant Products Protect Inmates

Secur-Care Ligature-Resistant Products

Acorn Engineering Company® is proud to announce the release of a new brochure highlighting the Acorn Secur-Care™ line of ligature-resistant products.

As prisons shift towards being spaces of justice reform and rehabilitation, inmate living spaces have necessarily shifted as well. Today, experts understand that open living spaces that offer inmates some degree of autonomy and control over their environment are the best spaces for facilitating rehabilitation.

Experts today know that different inmates have different needs, and successful rehabilitation treats inmates as individuals. Inmates who struggle with mental health or addiction, and who are imprisoned for minor offenses, necessarily have different needs than inmates imprisoned for violent crimes, and their living spaces should reflect this.

At the same time, correctional facilities must balance inmates’ individual needs with an overall need for safety and security. Acorn Secur-Care™ ligature-resistant fixtures are designed to balance the needs for inmate autonomy and safety.

Ligature-resistant fixtures minimize attachment points and are designed with “universal design” principles in mind, so they can be used throughout a facility, rather than solely in mental health treatment areas. They are easy to install, maintain, and care for. An optional Enviroglaze® powder coating is offered at no additional cost, minimizing the institutional look.

Download the Acorn Secur-Care™ brochure and read more about how Acorn is aiding correctional facilities in protecting inmates throughout the rehabilitation process.

Download the brochure and learn more!
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