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Murdock helps Glendale Unified School District Re-Open


Like many schools across the nation, due to coronavirus concerns, Glendale Unified School District in Los Angeles County, California, is using a distanced learning model this semester. That doesn’t mean that those classrooms will be empty, however.

Conscious of the impact on parents and caregivers who might struggle with keeping kids at home and on-task while they themselves work, Glendale Unified will use its elementary schools to provide free day care while students engage with their online classwork.

Glendale Unified took many precautions in order to open safely: from capping classrooms at 12 students to using floor stickers to create a one-way traffic flow throughout the hallway, to replacing drinking fountains with Murdock® Wash-N-Go!™ hand washing stations. These hallway hand washing stations make it easy for students to wash their hands, and they feature touch-free, sensor operation.

We at Murdock recognize the hard work that teachers across the country are putting in to make this challenging year rewarding, safe, and intellectually stimulating for their students, and we’re proud to be a part of those efforts.

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