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Murdock® Bottle Fillers Offer Schools a Touch-Free Way of Providing Water

H2O-to-Go!® Water Refill Station Flyer

Murdock Manufacturing’s H2O-to-Go!® water refill stations provide schools with an excellent solution for safely providing drinking water to students.

These sensor-operated water bottle filling stations offer a convenient hands-free hydration option. The heavy-duty, vandal-resistant stainless steel body is ideal for use in schools and other high-traffic areas. The anti-microbial recessed curvature makes it easy to fill a bottle, and optional counters are available to show the number of plastic bottles saved.

H2O-to-Go! is available as a standalone water bottle filler only (BF16 Series) or as a bottle filler with chilling unit (BF168 Series) .

Designed to be maintenance-friendly, the front of the unit tilts forward with the removal of two screws, allowing easy access to the internal components. In addition, we can customize our bottle fillers with colors and logos to show your school’s spirit.

Murdock is now offering a variety of hand washing solutions that can be used in schools, including EZ Wash-N-Go!™, Deluxe Wash-N-Go!™ , and Outdoor Wash-N-Go!™ hand sinks.

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