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Acorn-Gencon Plastics

ISO9001: 2008 Certified

13818 Oaks Avenue
Chino, CA
91710 USA

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Acorn-Gencon Plastics provides superior injection molded product solutions for their valued customers. Acorn-Gencon offers engineered design services combined with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities to ensure the best project flow from concept to delivery to the customer. Acorn-Gencon’s quality system is ISO9001:2008 certified, demonstrating a commitment to quality on every part manufactured.

Key Products

Acorn-Gencon® Plastics provides complete injection-molded product solutions from concept to completion. Some of the services provided include:



Acorn-Gencon Plastics can take an injection molding product or part from concept to finished product with our personalized services: concept, design, mold making and injection molding.

Tooling Services

Tooling Services

Acorn-Gencon provides parametric solid modeling and design capabilities. We use Solidworks software, AutoCAD and a variety a data types including IGES and DXF formats. We provide complete mold designs including assemblies, details and full 3-D solid models for EDM programming and electrode fabrication. Solid modeling gives us the option of creating direct SLA models for pre-manufacturing of tooling.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Acorn-Gencon Plastics has 27 injection molding presses ranging in size from 55 to 680 tons.  In addition, we offer state of the art hot stamping equipment and robotic process automation. Other services include assembly, ultrasonic welding, retail packaging and part machining.


Quality Assurance

The Quality Department is staffed by specialists who monitor and maintain critical characteristics required by our customers. Calibration systems ensure the accuracy of our equipment and inspection instruments include an optical comparator with QUADRA-CHECK 2000 and coordinate measuring machines. Quality planning and a standard of excellence maintained by continuous improvement ensure minimal product defects.

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