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BestCare® Products are In-Stock and Ready to Ship

Patient safety is a prime concern for any healthcare facility, and especially for behavioral health facilities. It is important that patients feel safe and comfortable within care spaces, while also being protected from items that may cause them harm.

Whitehall® BestCare® products are designed to be ligature-resistant, minimizing attachment points that could be used by patients to hurt themselves or others. The wide range of products is suitable for outfitting the entire patient room.

Many BestCare products are in stock and ready to ship immediately. These Kwik Ship products enable contractors and facilities to get up and running as fast as possible without minimizing safety. Whitehall Kwik Ship products also include necessities such as infection-prevention scrub sinks, enabling speedy outfitting of an entire facility.

Don't compromise safety for speed. Demand both. Contact your local rep today to learn more and order.