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Where It All Started

Acorn Engineering Company is the founding member of Morris Group International. Acorn was established in 1954 by Earl L. Morris. Morris had previously established the Earl L. Morris Company as a manufacturer’s representative to sell plumbing products. As Acorn Engineering grew, companies and partnerships were acquired in similar and unrelated fields. A new parent company was formed to encompass all the divisions—in 2012, the Acorn Family of Companies was renamed Morris Group International to better promote the diverse industries and product lines it represents.

Innovative Spirit and Engineering Foundation

"What sets us apart from competitors is our engineering and spirit. We have a 'can-do' spirit. If you ask us to do something, we will do it or figure out how to do it. That's the part our customers like, that's the part we like."

- Don Morris, President and CEO

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The Company Today

The divisions and partnerships under Morris Group International manufacture engineered products that address today's complex construction and installation needs. The products produced by MGI's manufacturing divisions are designed and engineered to the highest standards and make specifications and maintenance key attributes for success.