Morris Group Online

360° Tour Offers a Virtual Look at the MGI Showroom!

October 21, 2020 – CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – Morris Group International is now offering a 360° virtual showroom tour.

This self-guided tour brings the story of Morris Group International to life. Click here to start your self-guided tour and choose a starting point. Every section of the tour offers a 360° view, allowing you to look at the display from every angle. Information on the product lines you’re viewing is available for every product line you see. The arrows help you navigate to different sections of the showroom.

Our 360° tour features excellent picture quality and navigation, making you feel like you're really there.

Check out our sneak peak below and then see it for yourself!

Full-Size Jail Cell with Acorn® Comby

Restroom with Meridian® Plumbing Fixtures

Master-Trol® Plus with Vacuum Plumbing

Acorn BASyC® and Command Station™

Smith® Plumbing and Drainage Products

Larsen's® and Murdock® Products

Whitehall® Rehab and Sports Medicine Products