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Morris Group International Releases 2020 Corporate Brochure


Comprising 26 divisions and partnerships with specialties all across the nonresidential construction market, Morris Group International is proud to celebrate the strong connections that make up MGI.
Spread out across 22 locations and a total of 2.5 million sq. ft., Morris Group International is proud to feature some of the most exciting and innovative product lines on the market today.
The 2020 MGI Corporate Brochure highlights the unique histories, inventions, innovations, and specialties of each of our divisions and partnerships, and includes our newest acquisition—Fire End & Croker Corporation.

MGI is strong because our companies are strong. Our divisional diversity allows us to create unique solutions that draw on the expertise of multiple fields of knowledge. For more than sixty years, MGI has been an industry leader. Check out the 2020 MGI Corporate Brochure to see why.

Download MGI 2020 Corporate Brochure View Our Divisions and Partnerships